Spiritual Health and Healing

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Today more than ever before there is an increased interest in non-traditional health and well being. One of the reasons for this is that the scientific/medical community is more often coming to the conclusion that there seems to be a scientific soundness behind what used to be considered just a quirky idea.

Now some of the healings and life improvement ideas also fit in with the more traditional methods. The objective of this article is to introduce you to some of the alternative methods of health and healing. There are definitely many ways to bring about a greater relaxation, a deeper sense of well being. A few will be mentioned, described and discussed here.


Prayer is the first line of defense in a spiritually-based program of healing. Does prayer really work? Thousands of studies have been conducted to show the evidence that prayer is a viable pathway to self-progressing and self-awareness. Those who believe in prayer obviously also believe in God or in some Higher Power that is able to send answers to prayers.

One belief is that the answers are always there, but only come to the supplicant when the time is right. The old adages says that prayers are always answered; sometimes the answer is “no.” A necessary prerequisite seems to be an actual faith or belief that the prayer will be answered, that the healing will come, that harmony will be restored.

Interestingly enough, a element that seems to bring the answer more quickly is the ability to not want that answer too badly. For some reason, “thy will be done” seems to be essential.

There is no doubt about it, prayer when entered into with a humble and compliant heart, brings with it a sense of relaxation and a feeling of a lightened burden.


Meditation is thought my some to be a form of prayer. A true state of meditation can be very difficult to achieve. Some have spent a life time learning to get themselves into that state somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness, or between sleep and wakefulness. It takes much practice to train the conscious mind to fully relax so that the subconscious mind can take over and direct the thoughts and feelings of the participant.

Once this state of mind is achieved wonderful ideas and thoughts can come to the mind that will reveal answers to problems or questions or sickness of any kind.

With all the advancements of modern science and technology it is much easier these days to get into a state of meditation. Certain combinations of musical tones have been shown to put the mind into a meditation in minutes and hours rather than in years.


Yoga is a type of alternative even spiritual healing that combines mind, soul and body techniques to put the soul and the body in tune with the rhythms of the universe. The practice of yoga first began in ancient India many centuries ago. Yoga is a Sanskrit word that is a part of the word yoke. It has a meaning that brings to mind a joining or a union.

Yoga is a type of physical exercise that is slow and deliberate, with generous amounts of stretching and always a controlled breathing. As the exercises are performed with exact and unhurried movements, the participant brings to mind the purpose of each exercise and the method by which each brings a marriage of the body with that other part of nature the exercise represents. Those who practice consistently speak confidently of the great power of healing and the calm sense of relaxation that can be achieved.


Acupuncture is another form of alternative healing that is finding great acceptance in the western world. At one time used only in the eastern religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism, acupuncture is now a popular form of treatment in numerous health clinics throughout the United States and elsewhere.

Acupuncture is a method in which extremely thin needles, some almost thread-thin, are carefully placed under the skin at various meridians of the body. The objective is to stimulate these meridians, increase the blood flow the certain areas, and foster healing. Acupuncture is often used with great success in helping to alleviate chronic pain.

Many other methods of alternative healing are also available. More information on any of these modalities can be easily found on the internet. The more time that is spent researching and studying these methods the more apt the client will be to find help on the quest of better health and self-improvement.

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