Simple Exercises in Healing Energy

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There are many ways to create your own space of inner healing. There are several yoga and meditation practices that best suit natural spiritual and physical healing in profound ways.

Swirls of Energy

The power of meditation has profound impact on not only the physical body, but the spiritual, or energy, bodies as well. Meditation and Yoga work together to affect seven specific energy centers that are known as “chakras”. Each chakra corresponds to a specific part of your body as well as energetic center. Each chakra can be cleared, balanced, and explored through the use of meditative yoga poses.

  • Root: Located at the base of the spine, this chakra is linked to basic, essential tasks. Open up a yoga pose with the “shalabhasana” or Locust pose. By extending the legs upwards while lying flat on the back, this can help blood flow to kidneys.
  • Spleen: Located in the lower abdoman and pertaining to sensing abilities and social issues, this chakra can be worked with by the “frog pose”. Heels are placed together with hands together. Inhale in the nose with straight knees and exhale as you squat down.
  • Solar Plexus: This chakra is located in the stomach region and pertains to your personal power, intellect, and self-control. Using long stretches of backbends as well as the “boat pose” or “twist” will help. Sit with legs outstretched with the pelvis and tailbone tucked under. FIrmly sit up with legs stretched upward and reach forward with your hands.
  • Heart: As it implies, the heart chakra is near the heart and associated with love and relationships. The “camel pose” is a powerful stretch. Place the hands behnd your back for support and arch backwards with your head.
  • Throat: Located near the throat, this chakra is associated with communication. A shoulder stand or “bridge pose” will help with this issue. To perform, lie on your back with knees bent and reach with the thighs parallel, rolling your shoulder blades toward each other and lift your back upwards, with your head flat to the ground for a minute.
  • Third Eye/Brow: Associated with precognition, this chakra near the forehead can be opened by using a “thunderbolt” pose. Observer surrounding with your legs wrapped under your thighs, straightening to the spine. Sit up straight lengthwise and gaze at the floor in front of you, carefully watching your breaths. Continually follow the path of a straight spine, rising higher with each breath.
  • Crown: The crown chakra is associated with spiritual energy and connections, located at the top of the head extending outward. Practice the recovery pose. With legs bent outward, flush to the floor, lay your body forward with your face flush to the floor as well. Extend your hands outward in a prayer like fashion to align straight with your spine.

Wind Down With Hatha Yoga

The phrases “ha” and “tha” literally mean sun and moon. So, as you can see, these sets of mediations bring in opposing   factors,               and the yin/yang of creation as a focal point in meditation. There are several variations of hatha yoga.

It activates two crucial points:

  • The activiation of Kundalini energy, a coil of energy running through the seven chakras. The effects are transcendent awareness, bliss, and feelings of connection.
  • The slow, breathing in and out of poses that results in higher endurance, lung capacity, and ease of movement

Hatha Yoga has some excellent beginner poses that are both seated and standing.

The Mountain Pose is a strong pose that will enact healing in back pain as well as self confidence. With big toes together, lift and fan      them out to create a solid base. Bring weight onto all corners of the feet and rise knee caps by engaging the quadriceps. Draw the belly in  silghtly and widen the shoulders so they are parallel to the pelvis. With the neck long and shoulder blades slightly back extend slightly.

By practicing poses that align with both chakra energy centers as well as ease the body into movement, yoga can be a powerful tool. Each breath and movement has the potential to heal.

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