Meditation — What Is It

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You can eat well and perform regular exercise but still have some unconscious mind chatter that distracts your focus and internal serenity. If your goal is to have a clear mind, inner peace, and the ability to access creative energy, then meditation may be just what you need.

Tools and Techniques

There are several forms of meditation practiced throughout the world but they all employ the main purpose of bringing awareness to the present moment and facilitating objective reflection and thoughtful contemplation. By learning to replace automatic or reactive thoughts with purposeful and creative intentions you can transform your self and your life to be free of stress.

The bare essentials of meditation require only that you sit quietly and purposefully focus on clearing your mind. Fifteen or twenty minutes is all that is required at least once each day. Burning a favorite scent of incense may help to set the mood, or having a lighted candle to look at. Many people prefer to sit with their eyes closed, but the flickering flame of a candle or any calming focal point in the room may help you to stay centered in the moment.

There are many techniques for transitioning from an active mindset full of random thoughts to a peaceful space which will allow you to clear your mind. The easiest way is to focus on your breathing. Intentionally pace yourself with slow breaths, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. When your mind wanders to work, bills, or what you’re going to cook for dinner just let the thought pass through your consciousness and return again to focusing on your breathing. It may help to mentally count and think, “In, one-two-three-four. Out, one-two-three-four.”

Another useful tool is imagery. In your mind’s eye create a scene that is peaceful and calming to you. Maybe it’s relaxing on the porch swing of a log cabin surrounded by the scent of pine trees, or resting on a warm, sandy beach listening to the rhythmic crashing of waves on the shore. Go to that place in your mind and release all conscious thoughts. Ideally, within a matter of minutes you will feel a sense of being grounded and connection to the surrounding frequency of universal energy.

Help with Healing

With practice, this subtle shift of energy will calm your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and bring a feeling of tranquility. Should your mind chatter and random thoughts pop up again, simply return your focus to your breathing and yourself. Every human has the innate ability to heal their body from within through actively exercising such purposeful relaxation as that achieved by meditation or yoga through replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

It is possible to facilitating self healing from this state of expanded awareness. Slowly shift your focus to a physical or emotional pain or internal ailment and imagine how it feels to be pain free and healthy. Repeated and decisive thoughts of health and healing will eventually replace thoughts of ill health and the perceived sensation of pain.

Meditate with a Mentor

The practice of meditation can be done alone or with another person or group of people who have the similar intention of quieting their minds and working toward personal transformation. There are meditation courses available that will align you with experienced individuals who are masters at restoring their energy and tapping into the unlimited resource of universal energy. It is possible and advisable to gain the skills and confidence in your own ability to reach this peaceful state easily by finding a mentor who will guide you on your road to well-being and optimum health.

Whichever form of meditation you decide to further investigate and practice, the benefits will be evident in your improved energy level, lowered stress level, and heightened awareness of living in the moment.

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