Meditation Styles and Types

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There are tons of different ways to meditate. Different people like different methods; it all depends on your preferences and personality type. It is up to you to find what works for you and then stick to it. Some meditation styles need deep thinking, while others are better for those who take an active approach. There are several broad categories of meditation which most methods fall under:

Insightful Meditation

Insightful Meditation techniques are great for people who find deep thinking to be relaxing. Typically, this type of meditation is considered to be more intellectually stimulating than other methods. Insightful methods usually incorporate Zen methods from Buddhism, Hinduism, and certain parts of Western religions.

Insightful Meditation requires you to be aware of all the sounds and activities that are going on around you. This type of meditation allows your mind to wander and think while just taking everything in.

This type of meditation should be fluid and not forced. Just relax and let yourself go without focusing on anything in particular. When you try this type of meditation, do not block out external stimulus. You need to try to be at one with everything that is going on around you. Let your mind process everything without thinking too much about it.

Spiritual Meditation

This type of meditation is geared towards people who believe in the power of prayer. You do not necessarily have to be religious to take part, but it does help if you believe in some sort of a higher power.

Many people meditate in this way when they are trying to talk to a higher power to guide them through a rough time. It can be very relaxing to focus on a problem and look for an answer. This type of meditation brings calm and rewarding feelings to those who practice it. You can meditate/pray to anything that you wish. Even if god is not your thing, you can still pray to the earth, the stars or something that gives you comfort.

Focused Meditation

This is the type of meditation that most people picture when you say you are going to meditate. It requires the person doing it to focus on a sound, object or thought and ignore everything else. The key to this type of meditation is the fact that you do not let your mind wander. You need to concentrate on only one thing until you have a moment of clarity.

Focused Meditation requires commitment and perseverance. After you master this type of meditation, you will find yourself relaxed and content with the world. It is really healthy to clear your mind every once in a while and not think of all the things that are going on in your life.

Sometimes, you just need to step back and not really think of anything to get your head straight. This type of meditation is very useful in today’s fast paced world where people’s minds are processing a million thoughts a minute.

Movement Meditation

This type of meditation requires a person to perform repetitive movements. Movement Meditation is very close to yoga. People use it to move their bodies, relax and get into a meditative state. Instead of focusing on an object, this type of meditation requires you to focus on an action.

Movement Meditation is just as effective as focused meditation. As long as you stay focused, your mind has the ability to relax and let your thoughts flow. If you are not the athletic type, you can always start this type of meditation by focusing on your breathing. Giving your mind something repetitive to focus on lets you get into a higher state of being.

Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation involves humming or chanting. This is often done in combination with focused meditation. When a person focuses on a chant, they are able to give it their full attention. This allows them to not be distracted by outside stimuli. When you focus on meditating, you free your mind and give it a chance to relax.

Meditation is a great way to focus yourself and realize what is important in your life. There are many meditation methods, but they all have the same effect on people. Meditation is a great way to clear you mind, body and soul.

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